Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bean & Cheese Burrito

I had posted the Fresh Home Made Salsa recipe earlier, and here come the Burrito Recipe. I am a big fan of Mexican food and make them atleast once a week. I alternate between the Quesadilla and these Burritos. The burritos can be customized to our taste and ingredient availability. You can just throw in what you like alone with some cheese, roll it up and you are good to go! This is a basic Bean and Cheese Burrito with some Salsa. This is very similar to the Bean Burrito which you get in Taco Bell, except this has salsa also. So if you skip the Salsa, you have the Taco Bell Bean Burrito - My Favorite!

Makes 2
Ingredients Required:
Flour/ Wheat Tortilla - 2 (Burrito Size)
Re fried Beans - 1 cup
Mexican Cheese Mix - 1/2 cup
Salsa - 1/4 cup
Hot Sauce as needed

How to Make?
Warm the tortillas for few seconds on a hot skillet or microwave to soften.
Place few spoons of refried beans on one side of the tortilla as shown.
Sprinkle some cheese. Top it up with salsa and hot sauce.

Now to fold:
Tuck in both the sides, and gently roll as shown below.

Warm the burrito for 1 minute in a microwave and its ready to eat!

You can add any veggies of your choice.
Skip the Salsa for the Taco Bell Bean Burrito.

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  1. We love this healthy and delicious.Thanks for linking it to Lets cook with cheese event.

  2. Homemade burrito looks delicious.