Friday, February 3, 2012

Kara Adai/Adai

Adai is just like Dosa but has more lenthils, so more nutritious. And another good thing about Adai is that it does not need time to ferment, so you can use the batter as soon as you grind it.
I made this for dinner along with Aviyal and it tasted awesome!

Ingredients Required:
Rice - 1.5 cups
Channa Dhal - 3/4 Cup
Toor Dhal - 1/4 Cup
Salt - to taste
Whole Urad Dhal - 1/4 Cup
Red Chilli - 10

How to make?
Soak the dhals with the rice for 2 - 3 hours in water.
Grind to a coarse batter along with red chilli, salt and adding very little water.
The batter should be thick like the idly batter and coarse.
Take a pan, heat on medium heat, drizzle a drop of oil and spread on the pan.
Pour a ladle of the batter on the pan and spread like dosa.
Drizzle oil around the adai.

Heat on medium, after 2 minutes, flip the adai and allow to cook for few seconds.

Serve hot with Aviyal/ Chutney/ Molaga Podi/ Sambhar.

The traditional combo for the adai is Aviyal but it tastes good with any combo!

Batter does not need to ferment, can be used as soon as it is ground.
The Adai was crispy, if you want a softer adai reduce the quantity of rice. For more crispier adai add more rice.


  1. Adai looks perfect and crisp!!Nice pics..

  2. They look delicious..Bookmarked