Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to make Vegetable Broth?

It is so easy to make vegetable broth at home. You make about a gallon and store it in the fridge for a long time. Or even pour it out into your ice cube tray and freeze it. You do not need any special ingredients for making this, just the scraps or what you trash everyday from all the vegetables. So just save all the peels, left overs of vegetables for a week and you would have enough to make a lot of vegetable broth!

Ingredients Required:
Cloves - 4
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Bay leaves - 2
Celery Stick - 1
Onion - 1 (with the peel)
Garlic - 1 (with the peel)
Carrot - 1 (with the peel)
Cauliflower - few florets, and the stem
Beans - 4
Coriander leaves with stem - handful
You can use any vegetable, the stem of the vegetable, peel of the vegetable.

How to make?
Take a large cooking pot, fill water till 3/4th. Add the cloves, cumin seeds, bay leaves and bring it to a boil.
Add all the vegetables one by one.
Close the pot, and cook on medium - low heat for 2 - 3 hours.
Drain the water into another bowl. Allow to cool fully.
Pour in clean glass bottle and refrigerate.

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  1. Wow, you have made cooking so easy by sharing this easy peasy recipe...thanks. :)