Sunday, October 6, 2013


Wishing all of you a very very Happy Navarathri! I have given below a list of Sundal Recipes and also recipes for snacks and savories which I usually make during Navarathri.

Our Golu this year. . .

This was gifted by my mom.. she dressed up the traditional Marapaachi dolls..

This year's addition!

My favorite step.. collection of my Pillayar idols and my kutty Krishna :)

Now for the Navarathri Recipes:
Navarathri Sundal Varieties:

Rava Ladoo

Carrot Burfi

Mysore Pak (Soft)

Wheat Halwa 

Paal Kova

Sweet Banana Dosa

Badam Cake

Paruppu Poli / Poornam Poli


I shall keep updating this page as and when I make new dishes for this festival.

Wish you all a very very Happy Navarathri once again!


  1. Beautiful golu..both sundals looks excellent.

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