Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to make Ghee

I prefer home made ghee because the process is very easy and the ghee is fresh. And also it is economical than the store bought ghee. The quantity of the yielded ghee is same as the butter used. This ghee can be stored upto one year in a air tight glass container.

Ingredients Required:
Butter - 4 sticks (1 lb)

How to make?
Heat the butter in a heavy bottom pan on medium heat.
After the butter has melted, heat on low so the butter does not burn.
After sometime a white froth would be formed on top and the sediments would have settled in the bottom of the pan.

Blow the froth lightly, if the liquid is transparent and you can see the bottom of the pan clearly, then the ghee is done. 

Switch off the heat and let the ghee cool for few minutes.
Use a strainer and strain the ghee into a clean dry glass bottle, taking care not to pour any of the solid particles.

The ghee would solidify after it has cooled off completely.
This would yield 1 lb of ghee.

There would be considerable amount of ghee left in the vessel along with the sediments. Add little rice flour and sugar and mix them together on low heat till the raw smell of rice flour goes away.

This mixture would be delicious to eat :)

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